How to choose your bathroom radiator

Fully part of the decoration, the radiator has conquered the bathroom. However, it should not be chosen lightly. The following provides an overview of the core selection criteria that will help you in your search.

Bathroom radiator

In a bathroom, the radiator has become an essential element of comfort. In that extend, the offer is plethoric and it is not always easy to make its way through it. To select the right appliance implies to address several questions. 


Heating mode

The first question is related to the heating mode. The selected radiator must comply with the existing installation: electric radiator for electric heating, hot water radiator for central heating (boiler) or heat pump. Finally, dual systems allow the functioning of your radiator with your central heating system in winter, while providing the possibility to use the electric back-up heater during summer or mid-season (hot water circuit switched off). 


The second question is the sizing. It depends on the heating power needed. In general, the rule of 100W/m² is applied. It also depends on the appliance desired size. The more powerful an appliance is, the longer and larger it is. This allows to dry more towels at the same time. Lastly, take into account the space requirement and the space available in the bathroom to install the appliance properly. 

Estimated heating output requirements


Heating the room, drying and warming the towels

Here is another question to address: will my radiator be able to heat the room while drying and warming the towels at the same time?

Indeed, a classic towel dryer, once covered with towels, does not necessarily ensure the proper heating of the bathroom.

Atlantic's 3CS technology (triple comfort system) meets these three objectives. The bathroom radiator is fitted with a fan that ensures a fast heating of the room during the shower. The heating element, electronically controlled, maintains an optimal temperature at all times, even when the towel dryer is entirely covered with towels. 


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