How to choose your room heater

The various types of electric heating systems are able to meet everyone's needs, but you have to know them enough to choose well. Here is a little overview about them, in order to pick the right one.

In a house or an apartment, the heating system is a critical home comfort element in providing well-being. Either in new constructions or for the replacement of an existing installation, electric heating is not left behind. Characteristic: high adaptability and wide range of solutions depending on needs, types of habitat and lifestyles. The ability to make the right choice implies some knowledge regarding the different technical options you have: active heat convectors, extensive heat panel heaters or gentle heat radiators.




Five parameters have to be taken into account when calculating the output needs. Firstly, the level of insulation of the room to be heated: the more insulated and airtight, the less the need is. Then the geographical situation and the climate: the needs will not be the same if you are in Estonia or in Greece! The exposure of the room (for a well exposed room, the power can be reduced by 5 to 10%), and its volume in cubic meter (surface x height). The bigger it is, the more output or even the number of devices are needed. And finally, the desired comfort temperature - we recommend 100W per m² for an average insulation housing.



The best-known of electric heating modes is the convector. Forget your prejudices! A last generation convector is quickly installed, easy to use and fitted with several types of temperature regulation (electronic or mechanical). It allows fast heating time and is adapted to all types of rooms. Quite practical, it can be installed with a standing kit as well.


Fairly cheap, extensive heat panel heaters or radiant panels have two heat diffusion modes: by convection and by radiation, through an aluminium heating element located behind the front panel. Advantage: the radiation, like the sun's rays, can warm up both people and walls which can then radiate and bring prolonged warmth feeling. It allows a very precise temperature and consumption control while ensuring a continuous heat diffusion. 


Gentle heat radiator is the best of electric heating! Install it in every living area and bedroom for maximum comfort. Fitted with smart functions (smart pilot with presence, open / closed windows detection sensors, etc.), it will bring a gentle, continuous and homogeneous heat distribution. How? Thanks to thermal inertia. It is generated by a cast iron or aluminium heating element or through a heat conducting fluid. The material accumulates a great deal of heat and then releases it, long after the radiator is off, in a stable manner. The comfort is equivalent to that of a central heating system installation with cast iron radiators, only you don't need the boiler!