Aerothermal heating systems


Working on a natural, non-polluting, inexhaustible energy source, aerothermal systems are a wonderful way to maintain a perfect temperature in your home.

This form of energy is based on the principle of recovering calories that are abundant in the air in order to heat or cool your home. Energy is transmitted to a heat pump, which uses a thermodynamic device to transfer heat and heat or refresh your home according to your needs. This form of energy cannot be exhausted, amounting to considerable savings on heating bills.

The heat pump only consumes the electricity required to operate the compressor and its accessories. This is why its requirements are 3 to 4 times lower than the energy it recovers.
The Coefficient of Performance (COP) measures the ratio between the energy supplied and the energy used: for instance, a heat pump with a COP of 3 will consume 1 kWh of electricity and supply 3 kWh to the heating system.

Benefits of Aerothermal heating systems

  • Natural, non-polluting, and inexhaustible energy
  • Highly efficient (savings of up to 75% on your bill)
  • Suitable for all climatic zones
  • Technology used for central heating, cooling, and hot water heating

Heat pump water heater working principal.